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Ulavi is one of the holy places of piligrimage of this sacred land,Situated in Karwar District (Uttar Kannada) of Karnataka State. Dharwad and Belgaum District are Neighbourhood districts.It  is approxiametly 140 kms distance from Hubli,120 kms from Dharwad,140 kms from Belgaum,70 kms from Karwar,50 kms from Dandeli and 150 kms from Goa.Nearest Airports are Belgaum,Hubli and Goa.Nearest Railway Stations are Alnavar ,Hubli,Dharwad,Belgaum & Karwar.It is around 567 kms away from State Capital,Bangalore.

            This Ulavi is a jewel in the crest to the beauty of the sylvan woods of the north of Uttara Kannada district.  From Dandeli one has to cross the river Kali to go to Ualvi. After traveling about 11 kms from dandeli one finds Patoli Cross ,wherein there is an inner route via Goondh,Syntheri rocks,to Ulavi,apart from the usual route via Kumbarwada and Joida.If you take on the goondh route an adventurous feeling along with the nature will be felt,crossing many streams and world famous syntheri rocks.Here we find the stream Kinnari Bommayya known locally as Kaneri River.

            Here it is a usual sight to see wild elephants, tigers and other wild beasts coming to drink water.  Here nature is not only very beautiful and attractive but also awe-some.  It has become a major industry to grow teak.  Under the super vision of the Forest Department it is protected and nurtured.  On both sides of the route to Ulavi one finds deep valleys that crate a kind of fear, thick clusters of trees and plants, teak trees and thickly grown bamboos.  This part is the home of wild beasts like elephants, tigers, wild bisons, cheetahs and bears.  Climbing up one steep ghat after the other and descending, one has to traverse a maizy and meandering route and cross Joida and Kumbarawade and descend.  One finally comes to and open flat and spacius
ground.  Here is situated the sacred temple of Channabasavnna, the Englightened and the Exponent of the Shatsthala, the Six fold System of virashaiva philosophy.  Channavasavanna came here after the Revolution at Kalyana alont with his innumerable followers and stayed for some time, finally attained his Samadhi.  By the sumblime presence of channabasavnna this region once and awe-some fore3st became a holy place.  And now it is called Ulavi.

Reference:-  From The book : Ulavi the abode of salvation
                        By Panchakshari Hiremath
                        Translated from kannada
        by Prof. C. N Hiremath              

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