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            The temple of Channabasavanna faces the east. In front of the temple there is a spacious lake.  The lake is filled with lotus flowers and hence very attractive.  Devotees coming from different parts of the country, take a dip in the holy waters and are absolved of all their sins and impurities.  Thrice a day this Mohasamadhi of Channabasavanna is worshipped with all pomp and ceremony.  On the Samadhi is placed the  face of Nandi.  To the left is Sangameshwar, to the right Mallikarjuna and to the right of Mallikarjuna is Basavanna.  The Mantap outside the temple is very beautiful.  To the east and to the south there are doors.  The door of the sanctum is to the east.

            In the vast and tranquil precincts of the temple many rooms have been built for the lodging of the devotees coming from different parts of the country.  Outside the temple a very beautiful Mantap for mystic symposium has been recently constructed by the grace of the most revered Mrutyunjayaswamiji Sri Muraghmath, Dharawad, who has joined the Lord and attained salvation.  On the four sides of the temple one witnesses lavish and evergreen nature which is a feast to the eyes and a solace to the soul.  We witness there light,  nothing but light, the light of beatitude of the face of Channabasavanna.  One naturally comes under the charismatic spell of this superanal light of Channabasavanna.  And if one falls prostrate and stands up absorbed in meditation and sees,  one experiences that light has enveloped around,  the dazzling light within and without,  the glow of enlightenment of Channabassavanna filled with beatitude the immediate successor to the Throne of infinity.  It is the food fortune of this piece of land that this Chastity and Sanctity incarnate came from Basavakalyana,  seeking out of all places this forest.  What else should we call it ?

            Nature with its variegated trees of thousand kinds,  fruits and flowers,  the coconut leaves spared over like fans, by the verdant green that charms the eyes and its many streams and rivulets which create symphony, fowing musically make us so transported with joy that we feel as if we are moving about in a celestial world.  The sylvan mother here spreading fragrance of different flowers and fruits fills our body and mind with deep pleasure and satisfaction.  Every aom of the soil here exudes fragrance.  The dust here is no ordinary dust, it gives us the impression as if it is sprinkled with fragrant water.  Our mind and soul inhale that fragrance.  Wherever we cast our eyes we see the Bilva trees standing as sentinels guarding the flory, good and beayty of of ther Great God Shiva.  The woods here bathed in silver moonlight make us thimk that Shiva’s smile has become moonlith.  The innocent devotee thinks that the many trees and plants.  the mountains and the hills are performing penance.  Mother narue is revealed to us as on perennially performing penance.  Every atom here is sanctified by the touch of the blessed feet of Channabasavanna.  By His grace,  even and ant here has become Lord Rudra.

            At a distance of a few kilometers from the celestial temple of such a sacred great soul,  there is the historical Divine Abode perataining to Sharana life; there are many caves and Mantapas. To the north-East of the temple if we walk a little distance we see a beautiful fountain of water called Haralayya chilume (Fountain).  The water jets out from the soil.  The crystal clear sweet water is believed to be very sacred.  The devotees that come form the Darshana of Channabasavanna pour rice grains and coins into the water.  They take their bath here and absolve themselves of their sins and impurities and thus are indeed blessed.

            If we walk a little distance, there is a cave which bears the blessed name of the great dedicated devotee,  Akka Nagamma, Sister of the Lord Treasurer of Devotion Basavnna and mother of the truly enlightened Channabasavanna,  the Exponent of the Six-fold System of Veerashaiva philosophy it is said that Akka Nagamma performe auster penance here for sometime.

Reference:-  From The book : "Ulavi the abode of salvation" by Panchakshari Hiremath
                        Translated from kannada   by Prof. C. N Hiremath              

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