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The Vachan literature shook us up from our tradition all moorings and gave us revolutionary ideas.  It made bold and independent ideas flow like a stream without let or hindrance.  The Vachana literature not only ushere in a new epch but also it cultured the minds of the people and infused them with new breath and vitality whose souls had been deadened by the tyranny of age old traditions and superstitions.  It transformed them in to new men and women who could thimk and act boldly and independently by tearing off the blinkers from their eyed, by freeing them from the shackles of slavery to deadening customs, conventions and traditional beliefs and ideas.  The Kannada language underwent a total change inside-out and took a new birth altogether.  Not only did the Vachana literature enrich the Kannada literature but it became a legacy to the world literature and held aloft the banner of fame of this sacred land. 

            We should state that the effective and emotive expression of the innermost feelings,  the symbols, the similes, the images and the imagery used there in the Vachanas of the Sharanas are unique and very powerful.

            The Vachanas are replete with the soul-experience of the Sharanas.  Though their soul experience is the breath and the finer spirit of the Vachanas, They shine with rare artistry and literary sweetness.  This Vachana literature which fives us enlightened instruction of the harmony of knowledge with action is the reservoirs of the soul experience of the Sharanas This Vachana literature is the blazing sun who has invaded the frozen darkness of ignorance liked a king and conquered it.  It was the avowed intention and determined goal of the Sharanas to establish a world religion by uprooting all castes, colors and creeds and proclaiming to the wide world that only the devotees of Lord Kudal Sangama are indeed the high born.  For the good of the world they wrote down that unique experience of the soul they had felt.  And others took it down from them.  We should state that the Anubhava Mantapa (mystic symposioum) was the jet-spring,  the source of this Vachana literature.  During the spiritual discourses in the Anubhava-Mantapa these rare pearls shedding light and enlightenments used to come out.  To wire them down and preserve them, innumerable Sharanas under the supervision and leadership of Vachanabhandari shantarasa, the treasurer of Vachana lore, had been appointed.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reference:-  From The book : Ulavi the abode of salvation
                        By Panchakshari Hiremath
                        Translated from kannada
        by Prof. C. N Hiremath              

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