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            In the direction facing the fountain of Haralayya-Chilume the cave of Akka Nagamma, the Storehouse of Vibhuti, the Cow Cave, and the Rudrakshi mantapa, there spreads over distance of about 12.8 Kms.  A thick cluster of bamboo trees barring the passage even though thousands of people trek through it, we pass through it and climb up steep hillocks and climb down slippery valleys, hearing the myriad sounds of the forest which create, then the sun appears before us.  It is dangerous to walk alone and even walk in a group.  But somehow taking courage in our hands, having faith in the Invisible Power, if we precede we come to a vast spacious ground, Lo! There we see the river of Kinnari Brahmayya (Bommayya) which dashes against the rocks and produces musical sounds.  The beauty of this river cleaving through the hill fills the eyes of the seeker who has come dispelling all fear of the forest with its beauty, fills his ears with the myriad musical sounds and makes him move about in a world of joy.

                   If we take bath in the flowing waters, flowing with musical sound, our body and mind experience unlimited joy.  To us who have thus come from the temple of Channabasavanna out of a limitless forest, there is such satisfaction.  We partake of the Prasada we have brought with us and rest a while here and then proceed again bent on another hazardous journey to have the Darshana of the Mahamane, divine Abode.  We have to walk, stepping very cautiously on the spacious rock and thus cover the distance on foot to the Divine abode.  If we slip, we fall into the river flowing down below.  Tying tightly a strong twisted rope to the rocks, holding the rope for support, we should walk with great difficulty and care, without losing our balance.  Thus after covering a little distance we should descend.  Then we will have first the Darshana of Lord Veerabhadra, the much adored God of the Veerashaiva in the auspicious precincts of  the Divine Abode.  From there at a distance of a few steps, there is a small door.  Inside there is frozen and fearful darkness.  Darkness.  Unmindful of that if we get in with a torch in hand.  There innumerable bats flap their wings almost hitting the eyes.  These bats attack us like a well-organized army inside, it is so slushy and damp due to the dampness of the river, that it is difficult to walk.  It is really a very spacious cave.  Over head is a spacious rock.  We have to hold the rock for support and move sitting.  This cave is very spacious to seat thousands of people inside. Successfully withstanding the onslaughts of the army of Bijjala, fighting fierecely with it. The Sharanas are said to have taken shelter here for a while and Channabasavanna along with his fellow companions used to conduct mystic symposium here.  It is said that kinnari brammayya, the commander of the Sharana army turned the face of the river infront of there cave, towards there army of Bijjala to act as a barrier and hence this river is named after Kinnari Brahmayya.  From the big rock in the middle of the river a small stream springs out.  It is very beautiful to look at.  This place in the middle of this awe-some forest.  Is really very beautiful.  We feel that our two eyes are totally inadequate to fill with this unique beauty.  The sylvan deity here, has out of here infinite compassion, poured out all her beauty.

            At Ulavi and the places surrounding it, each place has its own legendary and historical importance and sanctity as well.  There are stories and legends connected with them which the present generation finds it difficult to believe.  This Ulavi, bathed in the lake of grace and compassion of Channabasavanna who has merged and fused himself with this infinite space, is unattached.  Though he moved in a mortal frame, he was not caught finally fused his soul with the Universal Soul.  Like a mond of camphor caught by the flame, Channabasavanna has been integrated in the linga.  In the edge of the supernal light enveloping around, Channabasavanna has merged in the infinite space here.

            The body of the devotee is sanctified by the touch of this blessed land,  by the abulation in the river of kinnari Brahmayya and by the prasada he has partaken in th dasoha of the temple of Channabasavanna One Experience that one has entered into the land of light that is glowing inside.

Reference:-  From The book : "Ulavi the abode of salvation" by Panchakshari Hiremath
                        Translated from kannada   by Prof. C. N Hiremath              

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