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If we leave behind this cave and walk a few steps ahead,  there is the Vibhuti Kanaja (Store-house of Vibhuti).  It is said that the Sharanas used to store vibhuti here.  To bear witness to it there are white chalk stones.  They ate heaped in monds in the center of the cave.  The stones have taken that shpe.  And these monds of stone which ate pale white are called the Store-house of Vibhuti.  This too is a sacred place.  After all,  the dwelling place of the sharanas is indeed the very abode of salvation.

            Traversing an uneven path,  crossing small valleys and hills,  if we proceed ahead we find the Akalagavi (Cave of thd Cow).  It is on a steep rock,  rather difficult to climb.  On a rock spaciously spread out there is another rock.  Between these tow rocks there is a little hollow.  A man can entre inside lying glat on his belly and crawling.  When he gets inside with some difficulty he sees on the rock above,  udders,  looking like the udders of a cow.  Water drips down drop by drop form them.  But no one knows even to this day, from where does the water come.  In the spiritual language of virashaiva religion cow means light.  It is the supernal light of Shiva.  If we creep a few steps and see below there is an awesome valley.

          After seeing the Cow Cave, if we climb down, rest for a while and proceed further, there is what is popularly known as Rudrakshi Mantapa.  This is a small cave.  The stones on the ceiling inside have assumed the shape of Rudrakshi beads.  In this cave it is said that Shivasharanas performed their Pooja.  It is also believed that the strings of Rudrakshi they had kept here those days, have figured out in stone.  To the spacious rock over head the Rudrakshi beads appear to have stuck up.  If we strike the tock we hear the sounds of musical inst ruments like the drum.  About the Shivasharanas graced by supernal light unusual miracles are woven.  They are intangible to touch, beyond the reach of mere words. They move about without foot. Prints.  They are unparalleled and unique.  We cannot assess of estimate them.  Their greatness is beyond any description.

            If we go in the direction of Nairutya (South-West) we find what is generally believed to be the place of the Swadi kings.  There are a few relics of the palace now.  There is also the temple of Sadashiva, Their family god.  And by the side of the temple there is a pool of sacred water.

            To the south of the temple of Channabasavanna. At a distance of 4.8 Kms. There is the Atmalinga.  If we cross the fearsome ghats interlocked with a thick cluster of trees and plants and cover a distance of half a kilometer in the rocky cave we see this Atmalinga.  The puranas proclaim that Shiva, friend of the devotees, pleased by the devotion of the great devotee Ravana gave his own Atmalinga to him.  The devotees believe that this is the same Atmalinga that Shiva gave to Ravana.  It is believed that the great devotee Ravana worshipped the linga here in this place on his way to Gokarna, A small stream cascading down form a hill soothes the tired nerves of the pilgrims by its beauty.

Reference:-  From The book : "Ulavi the abode of salvation" by Panchakshari Hiremath
                        Translated from kannada   by Prof. C. N Hiremath              

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