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Vachana about the supremacy   and importance of Guru .

By the grace of Guru Illusion is shed .
When the Guru is Pleased , forgetfulness flies.
When the Guru blesses, the world is shed.
Oh lord Kudalachannasanga
By the Grace of Guru
Am I freed from the bondage of Karma !

Vachana which posits that a true devotee should have none of these is really very meaningful;

Shun lust for other’s wives !
Shed anger with Guru
Free Thyself from greed in body and mind
Adhere not to the world
Be not arrogant with the devotees of the Lord !
May not any living creature rouse your envy
If one realizes these six -fold virtues and shines.
One is a natural and true devotee
O Lord Kudalachannasanga !

Vachana illustrates and explains how the impurities of the mind should be absolved.

When the head in unclean
One should bathe the entire body in water
When the clothes are dirty
One should give them to the washerman
But to cleanse the mind of all its impurities
One should have spiritual discourse
With the enlightened devotees
Of the Lord Kudalachannasanga !

This vachana says

I am enemy to myself
I am the best friend of my own self
Knowing that your devotees will kill me
If I antagonize them
Knowing that it will save me
If I obey the Ancients holding them in awe
Others are not my enemies,
Others are not my friends,
O keep me ever bowed before you with folded hands
O Lord Kudalachannasangama:

Channabasavanna has stated emphatically and clearly how a true  Veerashaiva should conduct himself in this Vachan.

A real Veerashaiva
Should not covet other’s pelf and others wives
Never should he be violent to others
He should not give up righteous  conduct
Even if it means death
Unless such brave conduct is assimilated
He is no Veerashaiva , Merely
By the accident of his birth in a Veerashaiva family
O Lord  Kudalachannasanga !

Vachana describes how a Bhakta ( Devotee) and a Jangama should be;

A Jangama is one without body
A Bhakta is one without life
Righteous conduct is Jangama
Righteous conduct is Bhakta
Righteous conduct and righteous thought
Are the dialogues of experience
Of the self and the soul
O Lord Kudalachannasangama !

The sharanas have strictly enjoined that the body which has taken birth to win the grace of the Lord should not be spoilt. One should not hate the body.One should not neglect it, they said.Channabsavanna particularly has further accentuated the importance of the body.

With the body only, is possible the  sight of Linga
With the body only , is possible  the sight of Jangama
With the body only,is the wealth of  the Prasada
O Lord Kudalachannasangayya ;
With  this body only, could I realize Thee !

These Vachanas which Channabasavanna has composed in that integrated state of beatitude with Linga, are not mere vaunted words but are the rays of light ;

The joy of meditation, the sight had swallowed
The happiness of sight , integration had swallowed
The ecstatic union ,tight embrace had swallowed
The ecstacy of that embrace ,union had swallowed
The ecstacy of that union , the state of beatitude had swallowed
That beatitude was swallowed by self forgetfulness
Only the Lord Kudalachannasanga knows the ecstatic state of self-forgetfulness ;
There is neither I nor Thee !
Neither Mine nor Thine
There is neither enlightened knowledge
Nor  forgetfulness
Neither within, nor without
The name Kudalachannasanga is no longer there ;

Body becoming space lay concealed in that infinite space
Mind being space, is concealed in that limitless space
Feeling being space is concealed in that infinite space
Space joining space has become space without bounds
Lo, the word Kudalachannasangayya has vanished !

Thus Channabasavanna like space joining with space becoming infinite space ,attained the state of that infinite spacelessness like ignited mond of camphor.

Reference:-  From The book : Ulavi the abode of salvation
                        By Panchakshari Hiremath
                        Translated from kannada
        by Prof. C. N Hiremath              

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