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            This Vachan literature is the sublime synthesis, the luminous essence, nay the very incarnation of the cardinal principle of oriental aesthetics of Satyam. Shivam and Sundram (Truth, Goodness and beauty). This Vachana literature will make us see and realize God.  It will also give us tranquility and true happiness.  It will purify and sublimate our senses .  It will thus sublimate our life.  True. All devotional literature is such.

            The Vachanas of Channabasavanna are deeply embedded in mystic experience.  The Vachans of this uncrowned emperor of the six-fold system of Veerashaiva philosophy are heavily loaded and charged with scriptures, learning and philosophy.  Hence the layman finds it difficult to understand them.  The Vachans of Channabasavanna dazzle with rare brilliance of enlightned knowledge and fill us with a sense of awe and wonder. Though Channabasavanna was many years junior in age to Prabhudeva,  Basavanna and other Sharanaas,  in Virashaiva philosophy his word was law.  In Philosophy and scriptural lore his word was final.

            We find in the Vachans of Channabasavanna the mystic obscurantism of Prabhudeva,  humility and service to the Jangamas that we find in the Vachans of Basavanna and the supremacy of Shivayoga we discern in the Vachanas of Siddharama.  Channabasavanna composed thousand of Vachanas undere the distinguishing pen-name (Ankita) ‘Kudala Channasangayya’  His Vachanas on the Six-fold system are the luminous essence of the Virashaiva philosophy.

Vachana which pays a glowing tribute to Allama Prabhudeva  ,,the unparallel and supreme Guru

O Thou, revealed only to my mystic experience !
O Thou, the resort of my enlightened knowledge !
O Thou, the intense wish of my soul !
O Thou, the revelation of my true self !
O Thou, the mystic mount of my spiritual attainments !
O Thou, minds sublime !
O Linga , where didst thoug lie concealed so long ?
     Where is Thy name now ?  thou hast become nameless !
O  Thou, the supreme, unparalleled Guru !
O Prabhu, in the Lord Kudala Channasanga !
Thou  hast become a mond of camphor lit by fire !.

Vachana describing the personality of the Bhakthibhandari  ( Lord treasuer of Devotion ) Basavanna.

Shedding the illusion from the mind and making the Guru
Basavanna became the devotee of the Guru !
Shedding the illusion of life and making the Linga
Basavanna became the devotee of the Linga !
Shedding the illusion of the worldly life and making the Jangama
Basavanna became the devotee of the the Jangama.
Removing this three-fold illusion in the three senses,
Basavanna merged and fused himself in  Kudalachannasangayya.

Vachana which describes the true from Kudalchannasangayya , his most cherished deity .it is replete with unique similes.

It is like sunshine concealed in the mirage :
Like clarified butter hidden in the milk !
Like the picture concealed in the artist !
Like the light veiled in the eyeball !
Like meaning embedded in speech !
Thy true identity is !
Oh Lord Kudalachannasanga !

Reference:-  From The book : Ulavi the abode of salvation
                        By Panchakshari Hiremath
                        Translated from kannada by Prof. C. N Hiremath              

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