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Channabasavanna apart from these Vachanas has also composed Karanahasige, Mishrarpana, Hiriya Mantra Gopya, Padamantra Gopya ,Tombattaru (Nintysix) sakila about the basic tenets scriptures , philosophy of Veerashaiva Religion.

The Contemprary Sharanas and Sharaneyaru and the succeeding distinguished poets have lavished their praise on Channabasavanna with full throated and warm hearted ease,

In calling The Name Basavanna
My body has become space.
In remembering the Name Channabasavanna,
My life has joined the space.
The mellow fruitfulness of  the  determination of these two states
Goheshwarlinga bears witness
Only Channabasavanna could attain
O, See Sanganabasavanna.
Thus has Prabhudeva proclaimed the Supremacy of Channabasavanna.

“.. The Yugas Krita,Treta,Dwapara and Kali were revolving in the whirpool of birth and death. And thus billions of Yugas have come and gone. Countless Jalapralaya have devastated the world by flooding it with water.Many billion Brahmandas called the fourteen worlds have suffered  annihilation.
Tell me who ascertained  and posited the difference between Pranalinga and Lingaprana.
In What world, in what age did he do it ?
Many billions of Rudras being the Lords of Gange and Gauri ,not knowing the true nature of Pranalinga could succumb to the fourteen kinds of fruits. Thinking  that the world is corrupted and spoilt not knowing the true righteous conduct of religion ,you established the Panchacharas of GURU,LINGA , JANGAMA, PADODAKA, and PRASADA and established  on a firm foundation  the mystic experience of the six fold system and explained to me the distinction between Pranalinga and Lingaprana and freed me from the stigma of illusion and revealed to me the state  of that ecstatic integration with the Linga.Hence from Thee only,did I get the name Sanganabasavanna .Kudalasangama is thy witness.You are to me the highest esteemd Channabasavanna”.
Thus has Basavanna paid his tibute from the bottom of his heart to Channabasavanna.

            That treasure-house of sublime renunciation Akkmahadevi has thus showered her praise on Channabasavanna;

To enlighten the minds of the devotees of this mortal world
Lord Shiva the Supreme descended to this world
It was like the sun invading
The impregnable fort of frozen darkness
Vanquishing the fickle nature of the mind
He revealed the path of deliverance
To the innumerable Ganas
All the physique has become Linga
Mind has become the moving Linga
And feeling has become the lustrous glow
Of that Frozen Light!
O Lord Channamallikarjuna,
Salutations to the blessed feet of
Your Sharana, Channabasavanna,
The enlightened one
O Prabhu by my salutations
I have escaped the cycle of birth and death.

Channabasavanna was the supreme Guru who transformed Siddharama who was chained to welfare activities into shivayogi.  How shall I describe the manner in which shivayogi Siddharama praises such a Guru Channabasavanna?

            That blazing sun is enthroned
            In the eight petelled Lotus Heart
            The Moon is enthroned in the centre of that sun
            Fire is seated in the centre of that moon 
            The glow is seated in the centre of that fire
            Enlightenment dwells
            In the centre of that glow
            Enlightened soul resides in that enlightenment
            Shiva the Supreme inhabits
            The centre of that enlightened soul
            Such a supreme Lord
            Placed His hand on the head of my enlightened body
            Forged it into a shape from the
            Senses of the mind and feeling
            And revealed it to my sight
            And gave Linga to my palm
            To the blessed feet of Channabasavanna
            I bow again and again and thus
            Will I live O Prabhu,
            O Lord Kapilsiddha Mallikarjuna.

            In this manner innumerable contemporary Sharanas and Sharanes have lavished their praise on the sublimes personality of Channabasavanna, the truly enlightened soul and have bowed their heads at his holy feet and have become indeed blessed.

            Thus poets like Bhima, Lakkana Dandesha,  Chamarasa, Maggeya Mayideva, Gubbi Mallanna, Virupaksha-pandita, Shadaksharadeva and many other religious poets who came after many centuries have bestowed unlimited praise on Channabasavanna.  Virupaksh-pandita particularly composed a great Purana on Channabasavanna and thus had the mission of his life fulfilled.

            To conclude, Channabasavanna was an enlightened soul of limitless greatness.  His body was sanctified by the Mantra.

            Such a great enlightened one came to Ulavi accompanied by the Sharanas and made this land sacrosanct.  He transformed wild forest into a sacred land peopled by the enlightened souls.  By the touch of the blessed feet of this supremely enlightened soul Ulavi became the most sacred land, the holiest of the holies.
Reference:-  From The book : Ulavi the abode of salvation
                        By Panchakshari Hiremath
                        Translated from kannada
        by Prof. C. N Hiremath              

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